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The Fundy Footpath

The Fundy Footpath (recently listed in the "50 Best Hikes in the World by Explore Magazine) is separate from the Fundy Trail Parkway although part of it does fall within our park. The footpath is a challenging wilderness trail that starts at the suspension bridge at Big Salmon River and hugs the coastline to the boundaries of Fundy National Park. A Fundy Footpath kit (includes maps and tide schedule) can be purchased at the Interpretive Centre.

At the Interpretive Centre there is now an automated registration station in order to save time signing up. Just inside the entrance you will find the registration machine. If you need to check in or out when the Interpretive Centre is closed, please call 1-866-386-3987.

Fundy Footpath map 2009b

Length of trail

Fundy Footpath Martin Head View

  • 41 km (24 miles) continuous wilderness trail

Recommended Travel Time:

  • 3–4 days (assuming one makes the tides at Goose River and Goose Creek)


  • Challenging

What to Bring

  • Rain gear
  • warm clothing
  • good hiking boots
  • first aid kit
  • compass Fundy Footpath Martin Head View
  • map
  • tide charts
  • water treatment
  • backpacker stove
  • GPS (if available)
  • tent


  • Big Salmon River to Little Salmon River: 17.9 km
  • Little Salmon River to Goose River: 23.5 km
  • Point Wolfe to Goose River: 7.9 km

Access Points

  • Western portion: Big Salmon River on the Fundy Trail - when park is open for season (mid May to mid October) there is an entrance fee to reach Big Salmon River. During off season you may enter the park via the off-season located just before the main entrance gate. Big Salmon River is 11 kms from the main gate.
  • Eastern portion: Fundy National Park
  • Central portion: Sussex-Waterford — trail is accessed by secondary and wood roads via the Catamount Trail


Fundy Footpath Long Beach

  • The eastern and western sections of the Fundy Footpath form a continuous trail from Big Salmon River to the boundaries of Fundy National Park.
  • The rugged Fundy terrain leads up and down from an elevation of 0 to 300 metres across a dozen ravines.
  • Register by contacting the Interpretive Centre at Big Salmon River
  • Fundy Footpath Map Kits and Emergency Maps with GPS co-ordinates are available at the Interpretive Centre on the Fundy Trail; contact us. The cost of the maps are $29 (taxes included) at the Interpretive Centre or $27 (plus $2 shipping) and are available online. The cost of the map and guide includes a contribution towards the maintenance costs which is maintained by volunteers.
  • One of the last remaining coastal wilderness areas between Florida and Labrador, the views and wilderness experience are spectacular! The trail is blazed with white blazes and are according to Appalachian Trail standards.
  • The campsites are primitive, water treatment is necessary, fires are not permitted, and a backpacker stove is recommended. The use of the footpath is at your own risk, do not attempt without adequate experience and skills.
  • Tide schedules are included in the Fundy Footpath kit, one river called Goose River can only be crossed at low tide.
  • This is a wilderness trail and at certain points there are no residences within 15 miles.
  • Cellular phones will sporadically work in certain areas, however they may work on the coast or line of sight with the Province of Nova Scotia, dial the long distance code.

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